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Making Connections & Building Bridges: Together, We Create Change. SERID 2023, Oct. 26-29, Charlotte, North Carolina with small arch of puzzles in multiples colors.

SERID Schedule as of 8/17/2023
Subject to be changed

Wednesday, October 25th

Time: Event: Extra:
5:00 – 9:00 SERID Board Meetings

Thursday, October 26th

Time: Event: Extra:                 
9:00 – 4:00 State Coordinators for the Deaf Meetings
9:00 – 4:00 State Coordinators for the Deaf Blind Meetings
1:00 Pre-Conference Workshop: Swimming with the Sharks: Interpreting in Mental Health Settings – Roger Williams 1:00-5:00 Exhibitor Set up
1:00 Pre-Conference Workshop: Code of Ethics – Vocational Rehabilitation – Laura Thompson, Laura Fink
5:00 Break
6:00 Reception –   opens at 6:00- – 8:00 Reception   6:00- 8:00
7:00 Welcome Reception:  Sunshine 2.0
9:00 Free Time

 Friday, October 27th

Time: Event: Extra:
7:30 Registration opens 7:30-5:00 Registration
8:00 Early Bird Door Prizes 7:30-5:00 Exhibit Hall
8:15 Opening Flag Ceremony and Anthem
8:30 Welcome Speeches
9:00 Opening Keynote: Effective and Genuine Leadership – Duane Mayes
10:30 Break
10:45 Concurrent Session (5 Tracks) SCD; Rehab; Interp; Education; D/B
Bloom Where You’re Planted! Understanding Infrastructure and How to Effect Change in Your State Agency Bedarius Bell Jr
Tiffany Kelley
Interpreting in Mental Health Settings: Dipping Your Toes in the Water Roger Williams
DeafBlind Interveners: Improving Access to Communication and Learning Julia Brickhouse
Transition Planning: Connecting Deaf High School Youth to Opportunities Lore Kinast
Malibu Barron
The Use of Technology to Support Varied Communication Modalities in the Classroom and the Workplace Jill Burress
12:00 Lunch (on your own)   VISIT THE EXHIBITION AREA!
1:30 Concurrent Session (5 Tracks)
Leadership in Difficult times Duane Mayes
Elise Knopf
Raising the Bar: Coaching Educational Interpreters to New Standards M.Antwan Campbell
Customized Employment, the Discovery Process, and the North Carolina Journey Andrea Mills Blackwood
Sandra Warren
Designing online content for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students using engaging technology Mark Pfuntner
Kathleen Brady
Criminal Justice within the Deaf Community: Current Research and Future Needs Deb Guthmann
3:15 Concurrent Session (5Tracks)
VR’s National Employment Team (NET): Working with Business to Increase the Career Opportunities for Individuals, including those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened and Deaf-Blind Kathy West-Evans
Gina Bastian
Communication Equity: What it is and why is it important? Heather Foster
Blaire Johnston
The Communication Matrix: Administering, Scoring and Using Results to Develop Instructional Objectives, plus an Overview of the WVDE Communication Modules Patricia Dischinger
An Introduction to See-the-Sound Visual Phonics Nancy Woytowich
Community Conversations as a Strategy to Strengthen Engagement Diego Ozuna-Clark
Jennifer Higgins
6:30 – 9:00  Banquet with Awards  and  DJ

Saturday, October 28th

Time: Event: Extra:
7:30 Registration opens 7:30-5:00 Registration
8:15 Door Prizes 7:30-5:00 Exhibit Hall
9:00 Concurrent Session (5 Tracks)
Three Legs of a Stool: Unpacking the Key frameworks that guide the Model State Plan for VR Services for Deaf People David Hankinson
Stephanie Cawthon
Built to Last: Building a community Joane Mapas
Cheryl Reminder
An Exclusive Introduction to Apple’s Accessible Technologies for Hearing Apple Inc
Employment Skills for Pre-ETS Students Cindy Camp
Establishing a PearsonVUE Test Center for D/DB/HH: Why, How, Why Bother Linda Bryant
James Mallory
10:45 Concurrent Session (5 Tracks)
“Building on the Past: Bringing the SCD Conference Back” Theresa Johnson
Ben Hollingsworth
STEM in ASL: Untapped potential of ASL in creating STEM signs Barbara Spiecker
Alicia Wooten
Protactile Immersion Ashley Benton
Nicole Alleman
Savanna Toole
Richard Watkins Jr
Pam King
Abby Quick
Making Connections and Building Bridges: Collaborative Strategies for Fostering D/HH Students’ Postsecondary Success Charity Reedy Warigon
Rupert Dubler
Code of Ethics Laura Thompson
Laura Fink
12:00 Lunch (0n your own)    VISIT THE EXHIBITION AREA!
1:30 Concurrent Session (5 Tracks)
Using Data for Deaf Youth Program Decision Making: Strategies and Practices Jennifer Higgins
Lore Kinast
Diego Ozuna-Clark
Malibu Barron
Multi-modal Language Acquisition Cindy Camp
A Journey into the DeafBlind World Ashley Benton
Nicole Alleman
Savanna Toole
Richard Watkins Jr
Pam King
April Quick
Barriers to Employment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing College Students—Finding Solutions through College Career Services and VR Counselor Collaboration Erica Roethel
Regina Kiperman-Kiselgof
Exploring Employment Supports to Increase Success for Individuals who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing with Mental Health Needs Judy Schmidt
3:15 Concurrent Session (5 Tracks)
Medicaid Communication Access: New Service to Improve Communication Access with Healthcare Providers David Litman
Interpreting as a Related Service on the IEP M. Antwan Campbell
HyFlex Teaching for DHH learners: Experiences and Best Practices James Mallory
Linda Bryant
The Integrative Role of Background Knowledge, Vocabulary, and Implicit Meaning on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Reading Comprehension Allen Sanderson
Mariann Carter
Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Lisa Fowler
Sherry Bridges
Yvonnia Johnston
4:30 Free time / Dinner (On your own)
7:00 (TBD)

Cultural Enrichment Event

Visual Vernacular -Lisa McAbee

Sunshine 2.0 from NTID

Sunday, October 29th

Time: Event: Extra:
8:00 Country Breakfast
9:00 Closing Ceremony
9:15 Closing Keynote: Creating the Moment: The Barriers and Process to Building a Bridge for Linguistic and Cultural Inclusivity – Michelle Montelongo
10:30 Welcome to SC
10:45 Closing Remarks