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Our Mission

The Plan

We have 35+ years of service and training in the field of deafness. This is one of the very few training opportunities available for professionals who serve individuals with hearing loss (Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Late Deafened, Hard-of-Hearing and Deaf Plus). We rotate amount 8 Southeastern States and provide the best training that is available!!

The Purpose

We strive to provide and expand the network of professionals with the skills needed to provide quality services to individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, and deafblind. In doing so, the result will be improved services for our students, clients and patients with various levels of hearing loss.


We provide high level training by some of the most respected professionals in the field of Deafness. With our rich history, the SERID conferences are well known nationally. We are always developing ways to prepare and train the individuals who are vocational rehabilitation professionals. In addition, SERID provides extensive training for educators, transitional specialist, interpreters, mental health professionals, employers/Business, and other human services personnel.